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Axis Leisure Management is a strategic planning, consulting and management services firm with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Vancouver. Our international team includes planners, architects, analysts, commercial specialists, management operators and consultants. Axis is working throughout Asia, in particular and especially China as well as representing leading international brands, firms & associations in Asia from around the globe. Our global reach allows us to bring an international market perspective to our clients, helping them to develop world class projects and brands in Asia.



The Lifestyle Experience创造具有生活品味的体验

We have committed an important part of our company to understanding the world’s great destination resorts and communities along with their sophisticated visitors. We have had the opportunity to analyze how successful owners, developers and operators create the kind of experiences that are sought out by discerning people and that bring them back again and again.



Our CV includes some of the newest and largest destination resorts in the region, as well as some of the industry’s most respected international brands.  Axis typically gets involved in development projects in the pre-planning phase and remain engaged right through to when operations are underway, in some cases offering full blown management services; however our versatility allows us to enter a project at any stage to offer targeted support. Our ‘Concept to Completion’ approach provides a valuable suite of solutions and a consistent monitor of the project throughout. Our Brand Representation and Development Services offer invaluable support to high quality and specialized organizations that wish to have access to the region’s leading economies from a business development or product implementation perspective.


On most assignments we work with our multi-disciplinary team that include leading market analysts, ski terrain planners, golf course architects, master planners, architects and interior designers, project managers, commercial experts, managers and consultants. In the process we have helped to create successful, workable developments and businesses that have proven to be cost-effective to market, build and operate – notable, memorable, viable destinations.



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