Powder Paradise Changbaishan 长白山天池雪

In the modern mountain resort marketplace, ski areas are too often measured by how many lifts, trails, or hotels they have and not the quality of experience they provide. CBS West Natural Ski Area has been designed to change this paradigm and create authentic and unmatched experiences for its guests. Set above treeline among the jagged peaks of the Changbaishan Nature Reserve, China’s largest natural area, the CBS West site borders Heavenly Lake and is visited by an estimated million plus guests each summer. These one-of-a-kind natural characteristics, combined with refined snowcat skiing, snowplay, and sight-seeing opportunities, will allow for an unmatched winter destination not currently offered in China, and found few places in the world.


Axis Leisure Management provided full master-planning (along with US based design partner – Mountainworks), detailed mountain and architecture design and project management for this one of a kind exclusive back country resort at the National Heritage site of Changbai Mountain – on the North Korean Border, Jilin Province. Axis was also the exclusive operator of this highly unique, bucket-list destination.


Caley Hui