Vanke Songhua Resort 万科松花湖度假区


As China’s largest residential property developer, Songhua Lake is Vanke’s first foray into tourism development. Located near Jilin City and opened to the public in 2015, Songhua Lake is positioned to be one of China’s leading year round destination resorts. The ski area will be built out in 3 phases, with a total skiable area of 1.55 square kilometres. The resort features a total of 32 trails with a total length of 28.8 kilometres, with the longest trail at 4 kilometres. Subcontracted by Vanke’s operating partner, Japan’s Seibu Holdings, Axis performed complete due diligence, feasibility and financial planning for the resort’s attractions. Axis VP Operations also served as Vice General Manager of this resort and oversaw it’s development and operation from Opening through 2018.

作为中国最大的房地产开发商,松花湖是万科踏入旅游开发领域的第一步。项目临近吉林市,于2015年对外营业,是中国全年目的地度假村领头项目之一。滑雪区域分3期进行建设,可滑区域总计1.55平方公里。度假村建设有32条雪道,总长度可达28.8公里,最长雪道长达4公里。项目分包至万科运营合作伙伴 - 日本Seibu Holdings,天轴为项目提供度假区景点的尽职调查,可行性研究及财政规划服务。天轴运营副总裁曾担任度假村副总经理,自开业至2018年期间负责项目开发及运营事宜。

Vanke Songhua Concept.jpg
Caley Hui