Royal Mulan Sustainable Resort 皇家木兰围场

As Director and Shareholder, Axis is providing business planning and investor relation support to this ambitious (first of it’s kind in China) and culturally significant four season eco resort on the border of Hebei and Inner Mongolia.  Once up and running, Axis will provide full resort management services. Starting with the Haliha precinct, phase one will be developed in 3 comprehensive phases over a 5 year span commencing in 2016. Given that the Mulan Weichang region already has a strong summer tourism program in place, attracting over 1.2 million visitors annually in the non-winter months, Haliha will initially seek to capitalize on this market and offer a broad range of international level high quality cultural and lifestyle activities and experiences to the market.


Summer Scenery - Mountains Lake.jpg
Caley Hui