Selkirk College Formalizes Cooperation with Leader in Chinese Ski Resort Industry -Selkirk 学院与中国滑雪产业领导者达成战略合作

Selkirk College Formalizes Cooperation with Leader in Chinese Ski Resort Industry

Selkirk 学院与中国滑雪产业领导者达成战略合作

NELSON – Selkirk College has formalized its relationship with AXIS Leisure Management Ltd, a leader in China’s on-the-verge ski resort industry, strengthening its role as a player in the vast opportunity existing in the changing country.

加拿大 NELSON - Selkirk 学院与 AXIS(天轴商务管理咨询有限公司)正式达成合作,作为中国 滑雪行业的领先品牌,Axis 将助力 Selkirk 学院服务中国滑雪产业。

This Memorandum of Understanding confirms ongoing cooperation between Selkirk College Ski Resort Operations and Management (SROAM) Program and Axis, a Beijing group specializing in leisure resort project development from concept to completion founded by Justin Downes, a leader in the Canadian industry who is now working on developing the ski industry in China.

此备忘录确认了 Selkirk 学院滑雪场运营与管理计划(SROAM)和 Axis 之间的长期合作, Axis 北京团队由深耕中国滑雪行业的加拿大综合山地度假专家 Justin Downes 一手创立,提 供休闲产业从概念设计到落地执行的一体化服务。

“It’s very encouraging to have a formal agreement signed with Axis and Selkirk College,” says Bob Falle, School Chair of Hospitality & Tourism. “Networking with Justin has been valuable for us as we make connections in the up-and-coming Chinese ski industry. It’s the fastest growing mountain resort industry in the world and the resorts are in need of training and ski industry expertise. We want to share what we know with the Chinese ski industry.”

Sellirk 酒店和旅游学院的校长 Bob Falle 说到“Axis 与 Selkirk 之间签署的合作协议令人激 动,”。 “与 Justin 的合作对我们很有价值,他为我们在新兴的中国滑雪业中架起桥梁。 中国山地度假村产业正飞速发展,度假村管理人才需要专业的滑雪相关知识培训。我们想 与中国滑雪行业共享我们的经验。

Winter sports are emerging in China – rapidly – but they are still at the beginning stages of development. Selkirk College is collaborating with mountain resort industry to provide expertise and cooperate on programs and projects while securing opportunities for SROAM students, faculty and alumni. Falle’s first contact was made with Downes seven years ago and that year alumnus Doug Sharpe became the first student to start his lasting career in the mountain resort industry in China.

冬季运动在中国展露头角 - 但仍处于初始发展阶段。 Selkirk 学院与行业内的各滑雪场合作, 为合作项目输送专业人才,同时为 SROAM 计划的学生、教师和校友提供实习机会。 Bob Falle 七年前第一次与 Justin Downes 取得联系,当年的毕业生 Doug Sharpe 成为在中国山地 度假产业展开长期职业生涯的第一人。

The number of ski resorts in China is growing exponentially from 50 in 2000 to 298 in 2010 and 568 in 2015 according to China Ski Industry White Book, a comprehensive data report published by Chinese industry.

据《中国滑雪产业白皮书》报道,中国滑雪度假村数量从 2000 年的 50 个增长到 2010 年 的 298 个,2015 年达到了 568 个。

China’s increasingly wealthy middle class is interested in winter sports such as skiing and with that comes vacationing in destination resorts featuring fine food, spa treatments and novelties like virtual reality ski simulators. Leisure time is new to people of China.

中国中产阶级不断积累的财富让他们对滑雪等冬季运动产生兴趣,与此同时也将带动配备 餐饮、水疗、滑雪模拟器等新奇设施的综合度假村的全面创收。中国民众的生活状态及休 闲方式正在发生着转变。

“The previous generation worked six days a week and they didn’t have a concept of what leisure time was,” says Falle. “The north parts of China experience winter yet only now are people exploring winter sports like hockey or skiing.”

“上一代人每周工作六天,对生活并没有休闲的概念”Bob Falle 说道。 “中国北方居民感 受了冬天的严寒,然而却没有阻挡他们参与冬季运动的热情,包括冰球和滑雪。

Last October, Falle travelled to China for the first ever World Winter Sports Expo in Beijing put on by the Chinese government. He went with Selkirk College’s Pat Bidart, Instructional Dean of Hospitality & Tourism. Downes encouraged his Canadian colleagues to set up booth at the expo assuring it was a must-attend event.

去年 10 月,Bob Falle 与 Selkirk 学院的教学主任 Pat Bidart 共同参加了中国政府首次在北京 举办的世界冬季运动博览会。 Downes 鼓励他们参展并声称这是行业内不可错过的一次展 会。

“The Chinese government has set a goal of getting 300 million more people involved in winter sports in the next five years leading up to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games being held in Beijing and nearby Zhangjiakou,” says Bidart. “While we were at the World Snow Sports Expo, we met with ski resort companies to find out what training they need. We also met with the Tourism Institute of Beijing Union University to explore offering our ski resort program at their ultramodern state-of-the-art institute.”

“到 2022 年冬季奥运会举办之时,中国政府计划在未来五年里让 3 亿人参与到冬季冰雪 运动之中。 “在世界冬季运动博览会上我们与很多滑雪场进行了见面,并尝试了解他们的 培训需求。我们还与北京联合大学旅游学院的工作人员见面,共同探讨如何在其设备先进 和现代化的学院中开展我们的滑雪人才培育计划。

This would be a boon for Selkirk College providing opportunities for both faculty and students, explains Bidart who worked in China, among other countries, establishing post-secondary programs in agriculture and business prior to joining Selkirk.

曾在中国工作过的 Pat Bidart 说,Selkirk 十分乐于给教员和学生提供学习交流的机会。加 入 Selkirk 之前,Bidart 曾在中国和其他国家设立了农业和商业管理课程项目。 “It’s very exciting for us to be part of what’s happening there,” she says. “很激动能加入飞速发展的中国滑雪行业,”她说。

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