Axis adds Snowland Resort to its Management Portfolio天轴与新雪国度假村项目达成管理合作

Axis adds Snowland Resort to its Management Portfolio


Axis Leisure Management is excited to announce the addition of Snowland Resort to its list of esteemed clients. Located in Chicheng County, adjacent to Chongli, Hebei Province - Snowland is poised to add another dimension to the rapidly expanding Winter Sports industry in lead up to the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Axis(天轴商务管理咨询有限公司)很高兴地宣布,与新雪国度假村位于河北省 赤城县的项目达成管理合作,在2022中国冬季奥运会之前,该项目为飞速发展 的多元化冬季运动产业再添新篇章。

The 116 sq/km site is located just 130km North West of Beijing and will see an approximate investment of RMB 11 billion into basic resort infrastructure in the coming years. The ski area at buildout will provide in excess 115km of ski trails.

项目位于北京西北部130公里处,占地116平方公里,未来几年将斥资110亿元投 资于基础设施建设。 滑雪场扩建后雪道全长将超过115公里。

Scheduled to open its first phase for skiing in late 2017, the four core areas of Ski, Aviation, Wellness and Education will resonate throughout the development. Unique design elements include a state of the art mountain elevator that rises 635m vertically through the centre of the mountain, there aerodromes including a 2600m runway, and an FIS homologated Olympic Downhill ski trail at 3000m in length and 800m vertical drop. Snow land visitors will also benefit from sightseeing rail system that will cover 56km, of which the first phase will enter trial operation in 2017.

项目一期计划于 2017 年年底开始运营,滑雪,航空,健康和教育四个核心领域 的统一性将贯穿整个开发过程。设计上还包括一些特有的元素:例如垂直高度 达到 635 米的穿山缆车;跑道 2600 米长的机场;以及一个 FIS 认证的奥林匹克 高山速降雪道,全长 3000 米,垂直落差 800 米。项目一期将于 2017 年试运营 ,届时新雪国的游客还可享受长达 56 公里的观光铁路。

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