Executive Director - Commercial 执行总监 - 商务

Flora Geng returned to China after completing a Property Economics degree in Australia. In 2000, she joined Savills, one of the world largest property consultant companies. She established the retail department of the Beijing office, and together worked with her team on a series of major projects, including the Beijing Oriental Plaza, Beijing Yintai Center, Beijing The Gate Mall, Beijing Wangjing Mall, Beijing Wangjing International Commercial Center, Large Wangjing City Planning, Luneng Elite City, Sanlitun Village, Beijing Regentland and Zhongyou Department Store. At the same time, Flora built a strong and close relationship with a variety of international and local retailers, including LVMH, Chanel, IT, Lane Crawford, Richmond, Apple and H&M.
耿惠女士(Flora)在澳大利亚完成财产经济学位之后回到中国。在2000年,她加入了第一太平戴维斯(Savills),后者是全球最大的地产咨询公司。她在北京办公室成立了零售业务部,带领她的团队开展了一系列的大型项目,包括北京东方广场,北京银泰中心,北京新中关购物中心,北京望京购物中心,北京望京国际商业中心,大望京城市规划,鲁能星城,三里屯Village,北京瑞士公寓和中友百货。与此同时,Flora也和许多国际和本土零售商建立了紧密的联系,其中包括LVMH,Chanel,IT,Lane Crawford,Richmond, Apple 和H&M。

After Savills, Flora joined Soho China as General Manager of Soho China Property Management Company, becoming one of the youngest managers on the senior management team. With over 300 staff, Flora and her team managed the positioning, planning, leasing, property management, operation, and promotion of all integrated projects of the group, approximately 1,500,000 sq.m. of space. With years of management experience, Flora has accumulated abundant expertise in project development and management of mid-to-large scale properties and has gained unique insights in project positioning and development.


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