Summer Mountain Destination Resorts 山地度假目的地夏季

Summer Mountain Destination Resorts



Axis has been echoing the sentiment for many years, that while the China mountain industry is largely known for its winter-based activities - it is the Spring, Fall & largely Summer business that will strengthen and lead the success of the mountain resort industry as a whole. Axis focuses extensively on strategies, activities, events and investments that in essence weather-proof the resort from sole reliance on the winter season.

多年来天轴一直持有一个观点: 虽然中国山地产业 以其冬季活动而闻名, 但春季 、 秋季和大部分夏季业务 将会加强山地度假产业的热度并会引领整个山地度假产 业的成功。 天轴从战略,活动,事件和投资方面着重关 注那些本质上依赖冬季运营而生存的度假村。